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本文摘要:Ray Ozzie, the former Microsoft executive, has a revolutionary idea: Make phone calls cool again.微软公司(Microsoft)前低管雷o奥兹有一个革命性的创新:让打电话再度显得“酷”一起。

Ray Ozzie, the former Microsoft executive, has a revolutionary idea: Make phone calls cool again.微软公司(Microsoft)前低管雷o奥兹有一个革命性的创新:让打电话再度显得“酷”一起。It’s not clear that voice communication was ever cool. It was always more like a necessity. What is clear, however, is that it has been largely replaced by all sorts of real-time, text-based services, from SMS to the latest crop of mobile messaging apps. Ozzie thinks he’s found a way to revitalize the old-fashioned, voice-based phone call.语音通讯或许历年来和“酷”字沾不上边,充其量只是一项适当的功能。

很似乎,在相当大程度上,语音通讯早已被各种基于文字的动态通讯服务代替了,比如短信和近来大量兴起的移动通讯应用于。但是奥兹指出,他寻找了一种方法让传统的语音电话功能新的绽放青春。“I passionately believe that there’s immense latent potential in voice to convey tone and emotion, to quickly resolve issues, to make decisions and to get things done,” he wrote in a blog post announcing the launch of his new company, Talko (sounds like “taco”). “There’s simply no faster and no more effective way to express essential emotions such as urgency, anxiety, understanding, confidence or trust. Quite simply, amazing things can happen when we just choose to talk.”奥兹在一篇宣告他的新公司Talko正式成立的博文中称之为:“我指出声音中蕴含着无限的创造力,它可以传送语调和情感,可以较慢解决问题、作出要求、处置事情。要想要传达诸如应急、情绪、解读、信心或者信任之类的情绪,基本上没其他方式比声音更加慢、更加有效地。

当我们自由选择用说出来交流时,总会再次发生一些令人惊讶的事情。”One of the ways Ozzie hopes to make voice-based communication relevant again is by infusing it with other methods, including text and images. Talko’s mobile application, which recently launched on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, lets people make ordinary phone calls, send text messages, and share photos without having to open a separate application. The app also allows users to bookmark and tag conversations, and automatically records calls for playback purposes. The app’s interface lends itself to conference calls. A user can easily create groups using their phone’s address book, and therefore push out voice messages or initiate live calls to more than one person at a time.奥兹想起的令其语音通讯新的绽放青春的方法之一,是把语音与文字、图像等其它交流方法融合一起。


“It won’t replace [email or messaging] but if we can increase the amount of talking I think it will help a lot,” Ozzie tells Fortune.奥兹对《财富》(Fortune)回应:“它会代替(电子邮件或短消息),但如果我们能减少语音通话的数量,我指出它不会起着相当大协助。”The long-time entrepreneur founded the company with Matt Pope and Eric Patey. The trio has raised money from Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Kapor Capital, and from Ozzie himself. (The company won’t disclose exactly how much it has raised to date.)这家公司是奥兹与另外两名牵头创始人马特o蒲伯和埃里克o佩蒂联合创立的。他们早已从安德里森-霍洛维奇基金(Andreessen Horowitz)、格雷洛克合伙公司(Greylock Partners)、卡普尔资本(Kapor Capital)和奥兹本人那里一夜间了投资。

(不过该公司没透漏目前取得的融资额。)Earlier in his career, Ozzie was one of the masterminds of Lotus Notes, the collaboration software that was eventually acquired by IBM . He later sold another company, Groove Networks, to Microsoft in 2005 and worked for the Redmond-based tech giant until he left in 2010. More recently, he joined the board of directors at Hewlett-Packard .在职业生涯的早期阶段,奥兹曾是协作软件Lotus Notes公司的主要幕后功臣之一,这家公司后来被IBM并购。

奥兹又于2005年将他创立的另一家公司Groove Networks卖给了微软公司,然后在微软公司工作了五年,2010年时从微软公司辞职。最近,他又重新加入了惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard)董事会。Despite deep knowledge of the technology industry and previous successes to his name, it’s a tall order for Ozzie to bring voice back in vogue. If the company takes off, it’s going to need business customers to embrace the app, not just consumers. Today, Talko is free, but the company plans to charge a monthly subscription fee to users who want their calls saved indefinitely. (The free version of the app will only preserve conversations for a 10-day period.)虽然奥兹对科技行业有很深的解读,此前的顺利也让他小有名声,但要想要让语音通话再度流行起来,难道也不是更容易的事。


(Talko的免费版不能将通话储存10天)。Talko isn’t the only startup trying to make money in this category. Twilio, a development platform for voice communication, lets corporate customers create their own apps. That company recently launched a feature which lets users easily integrate images in its communications.Talko并非唯一一家企图在这个领域赚的公司。另一个语音通讯研发平台Twilio容许企业用户建构自己的应用于。该公司最近发售了一项新的功能,可以使用户精彩地将图片统合入通话中。

Voice is unlikely to make a strong comeback. (When’s the last time you checked your voicemail?) But it may have untapped potential when bundled with more fast-growing modern means of communication. Why shouldn’t you be able to quickly share photos of your surroundings while on a personal or work call?语音奇特并不大可能会强势重返。(你最近一次检查语音邮箱是什么时候?)但一旦与各种热门的现代化通讯手段融合在一起,它还是有很多创造力可以挖出的。如果你能在打电话的时候(不论是私人电话还是工作电话)较慢共享照片的话,为什么不这样做到呢?Ozzie says he plans to integrate other functions—such as document or video sharing—into Talko’s calls in the near future. The company also plans to make the app available on Google’s Android mobile operating system as well as a web-based application.奥兹回应,他计划近期之后在Talko中加到其它功能,比如文档或视频共享等。该公司还想发售安卓版和网页版应用于。

One place Talko won’t be available anytime soon? Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone. Apparently, you can take the boy out of Microsoft and take the Microsoft out of the boy.不过有一个平台是Talko短期内不想登岸的,那就是微软公司的Windows Phone系统。似乎,离开了微软公司之后,奥兹身上早已没一丁点“微软公司情怀”了。






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